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ProXR One-Hand Trainer
ProXR One-Hand Trainer

ProXR One-Hand Trainer

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The DTB ProXR One-Hand Trainer is a 243 painted all black and comes with a patented ProXR knob (US Pat #7744497PROXR) for precision swinging. It is available in 24"-30" (approx. -5).  Additionally this trainer can be ordered as a ProXR Flat-Bat Trainer in the same lengths and ergonomically designed ProXR knob(J143).    Both are terrific tools to have in your tool box!


SPECIFICATIONS: All bats in the Power Path Series come with the ergonomically designed ProXR-O patented knob( US Pat #7744497PROXR). Click here to order a ProXR game bat.

Option Notes:  Please note due to the multiple options available, all bats are made to order NOT stock unless otherwise noted.
Engraving: On-Hand Trainers are not personalized.


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