DTB offers a 60 day limited warranty on all BBCore, ProSelect and ProXR models only listed on our website that are purchased for amateur use.  It is the longest warranty in the wood bat industry!  Only models that are engraved “BBCore”, “ProSelect” or “ProXR” in the model number and are purchased from the DTB website or a authorized DTB representative qualify (example “Model S318 ProSelect” - “Model i13SD-ProXR-s”  or the BBCore mark).  Custom bats, Stock bats, Super-dense models, Signature and Tournament models are not covered by this warranty.  All warrantied bats that are purchased anywhere other than the DTB website MUST be registered within 7 days of purchase to qualify for this warranty. Registration should be done at https://dovetailbat.com/pages/warranty-registration. The following will be necessary to complete the registration: a copy of the receipt, the bat model, engraved date and serial number and authorized dealer where the bat was purchased. All bats purchased on the DTB website are automatically registered as of the engraving date.

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Use of this product constitutes your acceptance of the DTB warranty and all conditions, limitations and restrictions.   All DTB bats are cut from split billets, and inspected and proved to be cut from straight grained wood evidenced by our Pro Grade Ink spot on all adult bats.  Still there are times when your bat may break for a variety of reasons.  If that happens to your ProSelect, ProXR or Composite bat within 60 days of purchase we will be happy to provide a replacement bat, as long as there is no evidence of misuse.  All shipping charges will be paid for by the returning customer.

Examples of misuse that will not be covered under warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • Hitting anything other than baseballs
  • Hitting dimple balls at batting cages
  • Slamming the bat down
  • Collapsed cups that do not affect the bats performance

All bats will be inspected upon return, and bats deemed unusable will be replaced.  All warranty replacement bats are subject to the current manufacturing lead time.  Depending on the time of year this can be between 2-4 weeks or customer may choose from a similar stock model for immediate shipment.  DTB reserves the right to substitute a similar product as a replacement.  If a bat is deemed abused we will email a detailed explanation and give the customer the option to have the bat shipped back at their expense.

If your ProSelect, Pro XR or Composite bat breaks within 60 days of purchase, please email the following information:

  • DTB order number and date of purchase
  • Model number, and serial number engraved on the bat
  • Name and ship to address
  • Proof of purchase if bought anywhere other than DTB site
  • The broken bat must be shipped to DTB via UPS or Fedex ONLY within 10 business days of a submitted warranty claim. 
  • Ship bats to: 163 Greenville Rd, Shirley Mills, ME. 04485
  • Orders can only be replaced 1 time per bat purchase
  • Email claim information within 60 days of purchase to:  info@dovetailbats.com 



All “Non-Warrantied bats” sold thru our website or a authorized DTB representative are covered by our DTB promise - “We will not sell you a bad piece of wood”. All bats made at Dove Tail Bat are cut from pro grade wood with 0-3 degree slope of grain as shown by the ink spot on every bat.

If you feel that a bat model that is not covered by our warranty was a “bad piece of wood” and would like to have it inspected we will allow a customer to submit a request for their bat to be inspected.  Any rude or disrespectful emails or failure to be professional will result in your request not being answered.

This is the information necessary to be provided via email to info@dovetailbat.com:

  • Proof of purchase-Where and when the bat was purchased.
  • Pictures must be provided of: model/serial number, point of break, full bat pictures of both sides, including the ink spot.
  • Occasionally the bat is required to be sent in and must be done at the owners expense.

Upon receipt of this information a decision can usually be made as to whether there was a defect in the wood or just a poor pitch selection that caused the break. Understand that our wood is inspected at a minimum of 10 levels before being chosen to become your bat. Therefore less than 1% of the requested situations submitted for inspection result in a defective bat decision.  Under this situation DTB reserves the right to substitute a similar product as a replacement if necessary. 

Email request to info@dovetailbat.com