What is a puck knob baseball bat

The puck knob is a one-inch extension added to the knob of the baseball bat. The puck knob is designed to counterbalance the weight of the barrel to help snap the bat quicker, adding bat speed and increasing pop and exit velocity from the swing.

Puck knob baseball bat sneak peak


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When ordering your puck knob bat, order the length and drop weight that you typically use with a traditional knob bat. The puck knob adds 1" to the length of your bat at the knob end that is not factored into the engraved length of the bat. The weight will be adjusted for this additional length so it is proportionate to the weight you normally swing.

Additional configuration options

The puck knob can be added to any handle, including the ProXR handle, which by itself has been proven to increase swing speeds by 3-5 mph.

Puck knob on a PROXR handle