Due to the custom nature of our bats, and the fact that you are ordering a wood bat made to your exact specifications, orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Each bat order is hand-selected and made to our customer’s exact wood type, length, weight, model, color combination and name or number personalization. Therefore once we begin making “your” bat, it cannot be altered or cancelled.

As noted in our “Bat Facts”, we take great care in drying our wood and individually selecting each billet before our lathe touches your wood. Each billet is inspected and all are Pro Stock quality (unless otherwise noted). We take great care in measuring the weight and density of each billet and match it with the specific model that it is destined to become. We believe better wood makes a better bat and we do not skimp in the time and attention necessary to choose the proper wood for each bat we are about to turn. In addition, the finish applied to each and every Dove Tail Bat is given the utmost individual care and attention, and the quality is unsurpassed by any other on the market. For more info please refer to our "Warranty" explanation.