The Beast Training Set

The Beast Training Set

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The Beast 3 bat pack training system uses 3 heavy weighted, oversized barrel bats to work your game like never before.  The Beast is only sold in a set.  Click here to see the bats in use or scroll down for training recommendations.  This training set is also sold in both ProXR and softball versions as well. 

The sets come in the following weighted sets (Black [Heaviest], Blue [Medium], Red [Lightest]) (all weights are approximate).

33/34" 50oz/41oz/35oz.   

31/32" 45oz/37oz/29oz.  

29/30" 40oz/33oz/25oz.

Pro Weight Set: 33/34" 50oz/43oz/37oz. 

Option Notes:   Please note due to the multiple options available, all bats are made to order NOT stock unless otherwise noted.

Expedite: Beast Trainers are not personalized.

Recommended use on Training day:

Begin with the heaviest (Black bat) first.

While hitting off a tee or the preferred soft toss method, the player should hit two rounds of 7 line drives up the middle nice and easy.  Players should try to keep their hands closer to their body for the strongest swing position, while hitting the ball out by their front foot. Take a 1 minute break between rounds.

Blue bat - Repeat the two rounds of 7 line drives up the middle

Red bat - Repeat the two rounds of 7 line drives up the middle

Once the Beast Bat training is finished, the player should do their final 2 rounds of hitting with their game bat. You'll find players will quickly become stronger,  more balanced, have quicker bat speed and their point of contact will be out front allowing the player to drive the ball harder than ever before. Working from the heaviest bat down in sequence to the players game bat allows the player to create and keep great swing mechanics as the bats get lighter and their bats speed gets quicker.

The Beast bats are designed to build great swing mechanics, as well as build specific  "swing muscles" like never before. These training bats get incredibly positive results in a very short amount of time.


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