Precision Path Trainer
Precision Path Trainer
Precision Path Trainer
Precision Path Trainer

Precision Path Trainer

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For use in cage work, this bat is a swing training aid that provides immediate feedback on the efficiency and direction of a hitters swing path and extension. If the hitters path and extension are working efficiently in the correct direction, the ball will release to the top center back of the cage, any other result is caused by a disconnect or misdirection in the path of the swing. The Power Path Trainers are painted all black and come with ProXR patented knobs and a tennis style ball.  

SPECIFICATIONS: All bats in the Power Path Series come with the ergonomically designed ProXR-O patented knob. Click here to order a ProXR game bat.

Option Notes:   Please note due to the multiple options available, all bats are made to order NOT stock unless otherwise noted.
Engraving: Precision Path Trainers are not personalized.



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