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Wood Type

J31 is similar to the 2331 model. Its characteristics are a larger knob and barrel, good balance, and smooth to swing. The J31 can also be ordered in a modified bat with a slightly smaller barrel J31m. Fully Customize your bat here -wood, stain, finish and logo colors!  The sky is the limit!

SPECIFICATIONS: This bat comes with a large flared 2 1/2" knob, a 2 9/16" barrel, and a 15/16" handle. Bats have cupped ends when necessary to create optimum balance & weight differential.

Option Notes:

CURRENT LEAD TIME ON ALL BAT ORDERS IS 2-3 WEEKS. Shop our STOCK BATS for ready to ship options.

Expedite: Move your order to the top of the queue by choosing the Expedite option below. Expedited orders ship in 7 business days.

Engraving: Name and number will be engraved as spelling appears.  We can not engrave Professional Players names on bats that are not theirs.  We will not engrave profanity or any fowl language. Engraved bats are non returnable.

Cupping: No cup option, when available, will be accurate within +-.5