243m-PUCK KNOB-AllCustom
243m-PUCK KNOB-AllCustom

243m-PUCK KNOB-AllCustom

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THE ALL NEW PUCK KNOB is available on 2 regular knobbed bats - 243m and DT71!  The PUCK knob can also be added to our ProXR bats!!  Add this unique knob to either of these bats and it will help increase bat speed and causes a unique counter balance!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  When ordering your puck knob bat, order the length and drop weight that you typically use with a traditional knob bat.  The puck knob adds 1" to the length of your bat at the knob end that is not factored into the engraved length of the bat.  The weight will be adjusted for this additional length so it is proportionate to the weight you normally swing.  

The 243m is originally from the C243 with a modified, slightly compact barrel. 

SPECIFICATIONS: This bat comes in a -2 to -3 weight and bats have cupped ends when necessary to create optimum balance & weight differential. Order your usual bat length and the overall length of this model will be 1" longer to account for PUCK knob.  

Option Notes:

Engraving: Name and number will be engraved as spelling appears. It is up to the discretion of DTB to refuse to engrave inappropriate language or phrases.  We can not engrave professional teams or players names or colleges  due to trademark rules without written consent. Engraved bats are non returnable



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