DTB Warranty

Broken Bats

All bats made at Dove Tail Bat are cut from pro grade wood. Wood bats are not warrantied because there are too many factors unrelated to defects that could cause them to break.


All Dove Tail Carbon Fiber bats come with a one-time, 30 day “handle warranty”. This handle warranty only covers the carbon fiber region-no broken cups, or breaks initiated in the barrel will be covered unless the wood is determined to be defective. Additionally, the warranty will be voided if by inspection the bat was determined to be used to hit anything other than a baseball/softball. The handle will be covered for 30 days from date of purchase with a dated receipt and bat may be required to be returned at owners expense. All returns must get approval prior to shipping the return by submitting a return request and pictures of the broken bat to info@dovetailbat.com. Dove Tail reserves the right to replace the broken bat with the same or similar model.

Reasons Why Bats Break

• Poor pitch selection – Ball hit at the end of the bat, handle or poor label orientation
• A bat stored in a car trunk or garage -Too hot, Too cold, or Too dry.
• Using the bat to hit anything other than a baseball – such as cleats, home plate, rubber dimple balls, rocks or a dug out! All can weaken the wood structure and cause a bat to break on a future hit.

DTB Promise

Our promise is “We will not sell you a bad piece of wood”. All bats made at Dove Tail Bat are cut from pro grade wood with 0-3 degree slope of grain as shown by the ink spot on every bat. At DTB we do allow a customer who feels that there may have been a defect in the wood to submit a request for their bat to be inspected.

There is some information necessary to be provided.

• Where and when the bat was purchased.
• Pictures must be provided of: model/serial number, point of break, full bat pictures including the ink spot.
• Occasionally the bat is required to be sent in and must be done at the owners expense.

Upon receipt of this information a decision can usually be made as to whether there was a defect in the wood or just a poor pitch selection that caused the break. Understand that our wood is inspected at a minimum of 10 levels before being chosen to become your bat. Therefore less than 1% of the requested situations submitted for inspection result in a defective bat decision.

Email request to info@dovetailbat.com
Any rude or disrespectful emails or failure to be professional will result in your request not being answered.