FXO Bat Packs
FXO Bat Packs

FXO Bat Packs

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Our FXO series bats are created with the same rock-solid Maine hardwood that our pro and retail bats are made of. These bats have some grain deviations therefore, we were not able to ink spot or certify them as pro grain bats. Models vary and they range from 32-34” including half sizes mixed maple and birch.  Bat weights are any where from -2 to -3.5.  The bats are not labeled by drop weight so specific weights CANNOT be requested.
All bats have the DTB signature rock hard gloss finish in a variety of all Black Cherry; Natural handle / Black barrel; Natural handle / Charcoal handle; Black Cherry handle / Natural barrel. Because of the incredible low price, specific sizes, weights, wood type, colorways or logo colors may not be requested. All sales are final. Returns are not allowed and there are no warranties offered.


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